Oscillating GT05 Steam Engine - Mahogany Plate

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The oscillating steam engine was conceived as an educational tool. In order to be able to observe individual movements in the engine, an emphasis was placed on transparency while designing the GT05. That is why the pressurization cylinder and boiler consist of a special glass as well as the flywheel´s constitution being Plexiglas.

The hardened crankshaft and connection rod are mounted with ball bearings. The graphite working piston runs without lubrication in the pressurization cylinder. This is why it runs so quietly and reliably with a performance of ca. 1 mechanical Watt.

The GT05 steam engine is available as a full set of unassembled parts, as well as fully assembled.

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Technical Data:

Piston Diameter = 19 mm
Piston Hub = 10 mm
Boiler diameter = 50 mm
Boiler volume = 50 ml
Running time per tank: ca. 20 ? 25 min
Rotations per Minute: ca. 800 u/min
Mechanical Performance: ca. 1 W
Operational Pressure max.: 0.5 bar
Response Pressure for Emergency Vent: 1.0 bar
Burst Pressure Boiler Test min.: 2.0 bar
The boiler is constituted of quartz with resistance to thermal variations




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