Stirling Engine Videos

Stirling Engine Videos




high quality in MP4


Video GT01 Stirling Engine GT01 Video GT01.mpg

GT02 - working on a Hand

Video GT02 Stirling Engine GT02 Video GT02 MP4

GT02 - working on a Cool Pack

Sream GT02 Cool video comming soon Video GT02-ice.mpg

GT03 and Solar-Set "Sunshine

Video GT03 Solar-Set Sunshine Stirling Engine GT03-Solar-Set Sunshine GT03 Solar-Set Sunshine.mpg

GT03 and  Solar-Set "Indoor"

GT03_Indoor_e.html Stirling Engine GT03-Indoor GT03_Indoor_e.mp4

GT03 School-Design


Stream Stirling Engine GT03 School-Design Stirling Engine GT03 School-Design Momentafnahme_GT03-Schule-Flash_Kopie

GT03 Acryl

GT03_Acryl_e.html Stirling Engine GT03 Acrylic Plate Mom-GT03-Acryl-Flash2_Kopie

GT03 Mahogany Plate

GT03_M_e.html Stirling Engine GT03 Mahogany Plate Video GT03 Mahogany


Stream GT04 Stirling Engine GT04 Video GT04.mpg


Stream GT05 Steam Engine GT05 Video GT05.mpg

more Videos comming soon!


Dear Visitor,
... our Stirling Engines at working!

Notice: in the video the engine seems to jerks. It´s not real. It is just a "stroboskop effect" It come from the low frame rate in the Video.

Low Quality for Browser view:
Video1:   GT01 with motor/generator unit

Video 2:  GT02, working on a Hand
Video 3:  GT02, working on a Cool Pack

Video 4:   GT03 and  Solar-Set "Sunshine"
Video 4b: GT03 and Solar-Set "Indoor

Video 5:   GT04 working with Motor / Generator - Unit

Video 6:   GT05 Steam Engine


High Quality for Download:
You can Download the Video´s in much higher Quality.
Please use the right mouse button to download and save the mpg on your Computer.

Video 1   GT01 Download (11MB)

Video 2   GT02 Download  working on a warm Hand (14MB)
Video 3   GT02 Download  working on a cool Pack (13MB)

Video 4   GT03 Download and Solar-Set "Sunshine" (14MB)
Video 4b GT03 Download  and Solar-Set "Indoor" (22MB)

Video 5   GT04 Download working with Motor / Generator - Unit (24MB)

Video 6   GT05 Download Steam Engine (24MB)

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