Stirling Motor GT03 and Solar -Set "Indoor"

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GT03 (assembled) and Solar-Set "Indoor"

Dish-Stirling technology is today the most efficient of all solar power plants.
This Dish Stirling Kit for GT03 producing up to 200W thermal power.
Enjoy to see the GT03 running like a clock-mechanism, just by the Power of the electrical lamp!


- Stirling Engine GT03
- black absorbent ring
- flywheel d=70mm (= 2.75 Inches)
- parabola mirror d=470 mm (= 18.5 Inches) for stirling engine GT03
- parabola mirror d=470 mm (=18.5 Inches) for lamp
- electrical lamp 220V / 150 W, cable, connector

- aluminium rack

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The simple-functioning Stirling Motor has a piston in the 90° V-configuration and a balanced and quiet operation at over 1000 U/min. In order to visually monitor any of the movements in the apparatus, an emphasis was put on operational transparency was designed into GT03. In accordance with this consideration, the pressurization cylinder, displacement cylinder, and displacing piston consist of a specially designated glass, and the flywheel and gear case of Plexiglas.


The crankshaft is mounted with ball bearings and consists of hardened steel, and the connecting rod and crank of a wear-resistant plastic. Due to the constitution of this unit?s components, its operation is very quiet and maintenance-free with a performance of ca. 1.5 mechanical Watts.

The Stirling Motor GT03 can either be purchased unassembled or fully constructed.

A set of GT03 unassembled parts contains all necessary custom-made and standard parts (screws, cylinder pins, ball bearing, O-Rings, etc.).
All parts are precise and completely fine-tuned, such that no work on them with precision instruments more necessary are. The final fine-tuning during construction is limited solely simple ameliorations like filing breakable edges.
An extensive set of assembly instructions with descriptions every individual assembly step is naturally sent with each delivery.

Motor / Generator Unit (option)

The operation of this motor/generator unit impressively demonstrates the transduction of thermal energy into mechanical energy and then into electrical energy, whereby a light bulb is illuminated via an electrical conduction box (max. 12 V).

The engine/generator unit is not contained in the scope of supply. The engine/generator unit can be ordered in the accessories suitably this model.

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