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The Stirling motor is heated with a spirit carburetor burner, running very quietly at ca. 1000 U /min. Its dimensions are 110 by 80 by 220 cm without the ground plane, which are 240 by 160 by 10 mm. The motion of the pistons is visible and easy to follow, since both Rider cylinders are aligned parallel to one another. The fascinating piston motion during gas pressurization and discharge can also be viewed with this Andrew Ross engine. The motor´s transmission is triangular and held in place with a guide cross-bar. One corner of the triangle is used to mount it to the crank pin, while the other two are attached to the pressurization/displacing pistons.

Production of Electric Energy:
The transformation of thermal energy into mechanical, then electric energy is demonstrated impressively via the motor / generator unit integrated into the pedestal. A light bulb is illuminated by the operation of the generator.

Operation as a Cooling Unit and Heat Pump:
To elaborate on the conversion of thermodynamic processes, the Stirling motor can be powered by its electric motor to change its mechanic torque, serving to remove thermal energy, e.g. produce cold, in one direction and to produce heat by operation in the opposite direction.

Demonstration of the Spirit Carburetor Burner:
A special heating unit was developed to execute the Stirling motor´s function without having to invert it, which relies on the carburetion and combustion of spirits.

To ensure both safety of element function and visualization of the unit´s mode of action, the cylinders and working piston are constituted of a specific safety glass, while the gearbox and flywheel consist of Plexiglas.

Steadfast and Maintenance-free Operation:
The crank web and crank pin are both inset with Ball Bearing, hardened, and polished. The discharge shaft is also hardened and polished. The triangular transmission, cross-bar, and guidance bar consist of an extremely wear resistant, attenuated plastic. The crank case, connecting tube, as well as the cylinder cap consist of a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, each having been polished multiple times.

The pedestal is likewise composed of the aluminum alloy and polished and physically integrates the electric motor / generator and its belt wheel, the light bulb and its socket, a flip switch, as well as two integrated power sockets for 4 mm prongs. The power sockets can supply a maximum voltage of 12V, in order to switch on the electric motor. Depending on the polarization, the Stirling motor functions as a refrigerator or a thermal pump via the belt.

Spirit Carburetor Burner with Storage Tank:
The carburetor burner is composed of copper to optimize thermal conduction, and the carburetion chamber and pre-warmer of brass. The wick of the pre-warmer is protected against burning with its core grid of a fine stainless steel mesh, the surface of which is coated with black chrome to protect against oxidation. The individual parts of the brass tank are coated with nickel and are likewise soldered solid.

Ground plane:
The ground plane is composed of Plexiglas, the upper edges of which are facetted. Secure positioning of the unit is secured by the vibration dampening, skid-resistant rubber knobs on the undersurface of the ground plane.

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