UHU Plus Epoxy Adhesive (Endfest 300)

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This is a 2-component epoxy adhesive for heavy-duty applications. The bond strength can be increased by curing at a higher temperature. It will set with a very hard surface finish, with high resistance to impact, ageing and moisture.

Metals, glass, porcelain, ceramic, wood, marble, stone, concrete, Duroplast®, glass fiber reinforced synthetics, rigid PVC, rubber, rigid foam plastics such as Styropor®. Not suitable for sticking large areas of glass.

Open time:
2 hours at room temperature.

The setting time depends on the temperature; final strength can be increased by applying heat (not over 180°C - see table).

Temperature Setting time Strength
20 °C 12 Std. 1200 N/cm2
40 °C 3 Std. 1800 N/cm2
70 °C 45 Min. 2000 N/cm2
100 °C 10 Min. 2500 N/cm2
180 °C 5 Min. 3000 N/cm2

Very popular in Europe.

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