Stirling Engine GT02 (assembled)

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This Low Temperature Stirling Motor was conceived for the transduction of hand warmth at a necessary temperature difference of merely 3 Kelvin. (explain Kelvin

During the construction of the GT02, an emphasis was put on transparency, which is why the working piston cylinder was constructed of precision glass and the displacing piston cylinder as well as the flywheel of Plexiglas. In this way, the movement of the working piston, discharger and crank mechanism can be visualized.

The sealing of the heat transduction space is ensured by two O-rings, which simultaneously serve to secure the upper and lower plates with the casing wall. Assembly is achieved by a re-sealable snap-on connection.
To minimize friction, the crankshaft and both connection rods are mounted in precision miniature ball bearings. Since the working piston runs in a dry cylinder, the GT02 is extremely maintenance resistant.

Depending on hand warmth and the environmental temperature, the GT02 silently runs at ca. 100 rpm.
Due to the black matt varnish on the upper side of the motors surface, this motor also can be powered with an intense light source (solar energy, desktop lamp), thus also serving as a solar motor. We thus deliver the upper plate with multiple coats of black mat varnish. The motor also runs in reverse, like the GT02, in that a cryosource can be used in the same manner as a heat source.

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